Branding for Experience is the brainchild and professional home of Rachel Ginsberg, an endlessly curious creative strategist, experience designer, and multimedia artist. As a person who thrives in integrative roles, Rachel saw the opportunity to build an strategy practice to bridge the many gaps between the people who build brands and those who design and construct the experiences that power them.

Rachel spent the first few years of her career working in stores, observing complex systems up close. Selling things directly was an incredible education in understanding how to support people through all kinds of purchasing decisions.

From retail to business school, and from business school into strategy, Rachel has carried that same humanistic perspective throughout her career. Much of her professional and artistic inquiry is focused on people and how they operate, across functions, platforms and purposes. Rather than flattening people into buckets like “users,” “consumers” or “audiences,” Rachel prefers to think of people as people, and speak to them accordingly.

In addition to consultancy, Rachel leads strategy and partnerships for the Columbia University School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab, where she works with a talented team to design problem solving frameworks currently in use all over the world. The Lab’s mission is to explore future forms and functions of storytelling at the intersection of play, performance, emerging technology, collaborative practice and social impact.

Combining strategy and experience design, Rachel is one of three Lead Artists on Frankenstein AI, a polymorphic immersive theater project designed to provoke discussion around our collective relationship with artificial intelligence. Frankenstein AI world-premiered two AI-powered immersive installations in 2018, a two-act 8-person experience for Sundance's New Frontier and a 32-person dinner party commissioned by IDFA DocLab and The National Theater's Immersive Story Studio.

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